About Us

Have you ever heard the saying “The language of flowers”?   

In fact, it has its very own scientific word. Floriography means of cryptological communication through the use of arrangements of flowers. Here at Allegro, we believe that everything can be said better with flowers.

Our very own farm

Allegro Farms is a Garden Rose farm specializing in growing exclusive and luxurious rose varieties. Located in Ecuador, our farm has the best rose growing conditions. We work in unison with nature. Our processes, matched with the ideal location (most hours of sun per day) and best altitude, make it possible for us to deliver the best garden roses the world has seen! Each of our varieties has something that makes it truly special and unique. Some are extremely fragrant, while others may be characterized by boasting Peony or French shaped blooms.

Responsibly sourced flowers

We work with our very own farm in Ecuador and have also partnered with amazing farms that grow the best flower varieties, and ship them directly to your door.  Our goal is to get the highest quality blooms worldwide into your hands so that you can delight in them for as long as possible.

We believe in transparent sourcing. Our farm and our partners use sustainable growing practices by minimizing waste, recycling water and prime materials, and making sure workers have the best environment to thrive.

Our farms have many certifications that vouch for our word. Among them, the main ones worth mentioning are Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade.

Our Goals

We want our customers to have a satisfactory experience when expressing their feelings through the colors, aromas and shapes of our products.

In addition, that their purchase process is of high quality and they receive a service that makes us their preferred store.

The Allegro Team

We are obsessed with 2 things: Fantastic flowers and Amazing Customer Service.

We are here to make sure every step of your Allegro experience is absolutely marvelous!

Allegro Team