What makes Allegro different?

You may ask yourself, what makes Allegro different, or how we can make the claim to provide the best flowers in the world. After all, isn’t a rose just a rose? Well, it is a bit more complicated than that. There are many variables that can turn the wonderful experience of buying flowers into a living nightmare. For starters, you may not receive the help you need, or you may not even be able to reach an actual human being to speak to if the place you are buying from does not provide the adequate customer support experience. You may also receive low quality blooms or older flowers that will only last a day or 2, or blooms that were obtained from farms that have unethical practices such as child labor. We believe this is just not right! We consider ourselves a customer-centric company. We will work hand in hand with you to provide exactly what you need. Also, all of our flowers are guaranteed!

My Orders

How do I place an order?

 - It will be necessary to create an account in order to place your order (Perk: You will get a discount when you first register on our website)

- After you log into your account, access our shop at the top left corner of our webpage. There you can choose your favorite flowers. Choose the amount of stems you wish and the date you would like your flowers to arrive directly to your door. 

- Once you are ready, click “Add to Cart”

- Proceed to the checkout page and complete the necessary steps: Recipient information, Billing information, and if it is a gift for a loved one, you may add a message. 

- If you have one, enter your Promo Code on the right hand side of the checkout page. 

- Enter your Payment information and finish your purchase. 

- You will know your order is complete when you are redirected to the confirmation page and receive an email with your order number and details.  


You claim to provide the best flowers in the world. What does this mean?

Many elements go into determining which blooms are the "best", but here are those that we feel are most important:

The precise type and variety of the blooms:

Did you know there are more than 60 varieties of pink roses alone? Some varieties just don't develop as well as others. It is our pledge to you that we will pick only the best flower types and varieties to offer. If a flower is more delicate or “complicated” we will make sure to let you know before you order it. We will always provide information and tips on how to better care for your blooms, and accompany you in the process step by step. Also, since we have our very own rose farm, you can access exclusive varieties you will not find elsewhere through our webpage.

The farm that grows the flower:

Beyond having great agricultural and socially responsible practices, having the right process for caring for the flowers after they are harvested is critical. Scientists at multiple renowned universities such as University of California, Penn State, among others have postulated that as much as 50% of a flower's vase life is determined by how it is handled just after being harvested. Our partner farms have incredible post-harvest care.

The age of the flower:

Getting flowers into your hands as quickly as possible is key to longer vase life. Most flowers in the United States are brought into Miami by an importer, sold to a wholesaler, delivered to a retailer and, finally, placed in your hands. This process can take 12+ days to complete. A lot of people are talking about "farm direct" flowers these days. When we use this phrase, we really mean that the product travels from the farm to you directly. This does not mean that the product sits in a warehouse waiting for an order to come in like many "farm direct" companies out there. We're not knocking those companies that do this; it's just that we are very committed and passionate about working directly with farms.

What matters to you:

Everyone has certain things that they are looking for in products of any kind and flowers are no exception. We will do everything we can to make it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for whether it be the size of the flower, the color, scent, etc.
Beyond just the quality of our flowers, we’re also very proud of the quality of our farms’ farming practices. All our partner farms adhere to the highest environmental and social standards, including but not limited to things like:
Free onsite daycare and schooling for workers children
Free onsite healthcare
Free or subsidized meals
Scholarships for workers and their families
Environmental practices that exceed current US and EU standards, including the constant development of new sustainable methods of pest control and organic fertilizer development

Water purification and recycling practices


Can I send an order to more than one recipient?

Each order is unique and can only have one address and message. If you would like to send an order to multiple recipients at a different address, it will be necessary to place separate orders.


Can I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order, you must do so at least 7 business days ahead prior to your scheduled delivery date. Many of our products ship from Ecuador and Holland. Also, because they are farm direct, the farm reserves these buds while on the plant for you when you place your order. Also, there are many steps in preparing your flowers for their long journey ahead of time. Once the flowers have been cut and the product has been shipped, we are not able to do any changes or cancelations. 

All cancellations are subject to a fee equal to 9% of the total order amount. 

This is because we are charged a 4.5% transaction fee when your card is charged and another 4.5% to process the refund. 

If you need to cancel an order, please send us an email to sales@sagatinternational.com with the subject CANCEL and your order number. 


Can I customize an order?

Here at Allegro, we will do whatever we can to accommodate special requests. Please contact us at sales@sagatinternational.com with the exact details of your special request.


My order is incomplete! I ordered 25 roses and only received 12.

To prevent damage during shipping, your roses are tightly packed in square bunches that have 2 layers of roses. Due to packaging, the lower layer cannot be seen. Trust us, there really are 25 stems there) you may count the stems as opposed to the number of blooms you see.


My flowers arrived damaged or broken

Although this is not the norm at all, and as we do not control the shipping process (FedEx does) this could happen. If a significant number of your flowers arrived damaged, please send us an email with photos, and we will do our best to make things up to you.


I received an incorrect product. 

Although problems are extremely rare, they sometimes happen. We will always work with you to make the best out of a worst situation. If you receive something that is not what you ordered, please send us an email to sales@sagatinternational.com


I did not receive my flowers. 

Although we provide a URL for you to track your flowers. Extremely rarely there can be a mix up in the FedEx system. If you have not received your flowers, and tracking is unclear, please contact us at sales@sagatinternational.com


Can I return my product?

If for some reason, you are not satisfied with the product you received, please contact us and we will find a solution to whatever the problem may be. A lot of our flowers are shipped from outside the country and it is not possible to return them. 


Can I reroute my order?

If you need to change an address, please contact us as soon as possible. However, if the flowers have already shipped, it is impossible to reroute the package, as it is already routed. Rerouting can add as many as 5 days to a scheduled delivery, and due to the perishability of our products it is unfortunately, not an option. If the flowers have not been shipped, we will gladly modify your address free of any charge or penalty. 


What can I expect when I receive my flowers?

Your blooms will arrive in a box. Some flowers, such as roses or garden roses, will arrive wrapped in a cardboard sleeve as well as paper. Other flowers may arrive wrapped in paper without the cardboard sleeve. This is because each type of flower performs differently while shipping. While the cardboard sleeve is helpful with some types of flowers, it may do more harm than good for others. Sleeve. If you have ordered in bulk (large quantities) it is possible that the farm sends the flowers in its own box. Your flowers will arrive in an “open bud stage” It will take them 2-3 days to fully open.


I ordered Garden Roses but received regular roses

All of our flowers are shipped in the optimal cut stage to make sure they do not et damaged during their journey to you. 

This may mean that some garden roses may be a little more closed than what you are used to seeing in pictures. When Garden Roses are in a bud form, they can look similar to a standard rose. Please allow your roses to open up a little in order to reveal their lush, layered petals and characteristic cup shaped bloom.


How can I pay for my flowers?

We accept all major credit cards, VISA, Master Card, and American Express. Our system will also accept any debit or check cards that have one of these companies’ logos on them. We also accept Pay Pal payments. 


Do you deliver worldwide?

No, at the moment we only have delivery to the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. However, we are constantly expanding, and expect to be in your country soon.


How long does the shipping process last?

We ship all our flowers via FedEx. Depending on the country of origin. We can get the flowers to you between 2-4 days. Once flowers have left their destination they head to the airport in a refrigerated truck to the FedEx cargo agency. When they arrive in the US, your flowers will go through customs and will get inspected by the department of agriculture. Once they clear, the next step is you receiving your flowers delivered to your or your loved one’s doorstep.

Do you deliver your flowers with water tubes?

No, believe it or not, when a shipping farm-direct, it's best not to ship them with water. It is quite interesting, but when the flowers are on their way, they enter a “hibernation” state, and will “wake up” when you cut the stems and put them in water. Shipping them with water tubes will not allow this hibernation process to take place, which means you may receive already fully bloomed flowers, which will obviously have a shorter vase life. It is also risky, as if one of the tubes breaks or leaks, this will cause the box, paper and flowers to become wet. These conditions are not favorable, as they will create a humid environment inside the box. Unfortunately, high humidity yields mushy wilting flowers.


I notice that when I want to place an order for 100 or 250 stems the word bulk appears. What does that mean?

If you order bulk flowers from us (flowers which are not noted as being “bouquets” or “arrangements”), your flowers will arrive packed in bunches which can be cut and dropped into vase or other containers on their own or which can be combined with other flowers to make your own arrangements (see our Do It Yourself design section for ideas).  If you order bouquets or arrangements from us, your flowers will also arrive in a box but will contain a gift card, and your bouquet will be wrapped in paper.  Flowers shipped directly from the farm may look different than you are expecting when you first take them out of the box.  Don’t worry!  They will look fantastic after you get them into water to hydrate them.  

General Questions

Do you offer samples?

We do not offer samples. We ship our flowers straight form the farm, so we are unable to ship very small quantities, as the blooms will become damaged during shipping. If they are too loose in the box, they will move and shift around in the box during their journey. 

This is the main reason why we post our own pictures of the actual flowers that come from our farms. We also invite you to check the pictures we, and other users have posted on our social media. If you really need to see the product before placing your order, there are some products that allow you to order as little as 25 stems. This will allow you to test run our flowers before your big event. 

How long will my flowers live?

The longevity of your flowers depends on the flower type and variety. There are flowers which are harrier than others. For example a calla lily may live 2 weeks or even more with proper care and handling. On the other hand, peonies or David Austin garden roses may have a shorter vase life. The average for this flowers is about 4 days with proper care and handling.

Who can order form Allegro?

Anyone can order from Allegro and everyone is welcome, whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one, a flower enthusiast who wants to have top quality fresh blooms, or you are a florist or an event designer. Everyone is welcome at Allegro.

Will my flowers look exactly the same as pictures on the website?

We believe in being candid and transparent with our customers. Part of this is using our own photographs for our website. The photos you see in our website were delivered to us the same way as they will be delivered to you and from the same farms. However, due to seasonality and different lighting, weather, etc. there may be a slight variation. After all, flowers are living things as well.

How can I reach your customer service?

Our Flora Team is standing by to help you with whatever you may need. 

Reach us by email: sales@sagatinternational.com 

Reach us by phone: (786) 691- 3577

Reach us by Chat at our webpage www.sagatinternational.com

When should I place my order?

We recommend placing your order a month to 2 weeks prior to your event. If using your blooma for an event, such as a wedding, shower, or graduation, we also recommend choosing a delivery date 2-3 prior to the big date. This will allow your flowers to drink plenty of water and reach the perfect opening. If you are ordering them for a birthday or as a gift, this would be perfect, as the recipient can enjoy the complete blooming process, which is also a gift in itself.

Although you may place your order as little as 4 days ahead of the desired delivery date, we recommend placing your order sooner because this improves the availability chances of limited products. Our orders are processed on a first come-first serve basis.

Will you run out of flowers?

Because we also work with sister farms, we will never run out of flowers. However, some types of flowers are seasonal and only available during some times of the year. Other types of flowers or varieties may be limited due to high demand or seasonality

Why is it better to order farm direct flowers??

Our quality is top, and we focus a lot on keeping it that way- Our farm and partners have very strict standards to adhere to.  Our farm has partnered with High Control Group (www.highcontrolgroup.com) which is a company that specializes in enforcing quality parameters. This is how we can ensure you will always get the best quality when you order form us. Our flowers are also fresher. We cut the flowers especially for you once you place your order. And ship them to you via FedEx. The whole process takes 4 days (sometimes less). With the conventional way, by the time you get your flowers, the blooms will be approximately 12-14 days old (and maybe more). Fresh flowers means more beautiful, longer –lasting blooms.  Farm direct flowers also means less expensive blooms since we avoid the middleman and all the costs that come with it. By buying farm direct flowers you support the community and help the farmers. The traditional flower industry gives farmers less margin. With farm direct flowers you allow them to have better working conditions as well as receiving social benefits. This also helps to set and enforce eco-friendly and sustainable standards.  All around it is a win-win situation for everyone!

I see that other webpages offer similar products for lower prices. Why are your prices higher?

We are a fully customer oriented company. We believe that being completely transparent and candid is essential in order to make this claim. The prices you see on our website are all inclusive, and you will get free shipping in all our products. This means that what you see is what you get. Other platforms are built so that during the checkout processes, shipping costs, taxes, service fees, customs and dues, and other hidden fees are added. We do not support the bait and hook business strategy.

Do you substitute your products?

No, you will get what you ordered. If by any chance a product is not available and a substitution does need to be made, we will ALWAYS contact you first and discuss it we you. We never, ever arbitrarily send something other than what you ordered.

My roses have brown petals?

You may be upset to see that your flowers appear damaged or bruised. Far from it. Actually, this is not the case (especially with roses.)What you are seeing is actually an important part of the flowers itself. Flowers, especially roses, have outer, rougher petals called guard petals. These petals protect the flower and keep it from blooming too fast.  Guard petals disappear once the flower opens up. However, if you are not happy with the way they look, you may remove them.  To remove the guard petals, delicately pinch the base of the petal and pull away from the bud. Some varieties have more guard petals than others.